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TowerFall Gameplay. Source: Author

The Launch Cannon ‘Game of the Year’ award is given to the game which was most enjoyed during the year, regardless of the original release date.

In Good Company

I first purchased TowerFall (on sale, no less) during the final days of 2020, after hankering for a new couch multiplayer game, and recalling…

Windjammers 2. Source: Dotemu

Releasing on consoles and PC on 20 Jan, 2022, Windjammers 2 is the revitalisation of an obscure but legendary 1994 Neo Geo arcade ROM and represents the culmination of a long-term vision from developers Dotemu to see this classic franchise get the recognition it deserves.

A passion for obscure classics

Paris-based Dotemu have a storied…

Horizon Zero Dawn. Source: Guerrilla Games

With Horizon Forbidden West set for release in February 2022, it’s a perfect time to revisit this fascinating talk from Guerrilla Games’ lead gameplay programmer Leszek Szczepanski. He goes in-depth on the problems he faced building non-linear storylines for the sprawling open-world RPG, Horizon Zero Dawn.

Defining a Generation

In 2011 Amsterdam-based Guerrilla…

Minecraft Dungeons. Source: Minecraft

With the release of Minecraft Dungeons’ final DLC, Echoing Void, in July 2021, the ‘Orb of Dominance’ storyline came to an end and players were left wondering what’s next for the popular dungeon crawler.

At the recent Minecraft Live event the roadmap was revealed as ‘Seasonal Adventures’, a move that…

Transistor screenshot. Source: Author

Recently we took a deep dive into the making of Bastion, a classic story of a dev-team striking gold on their debut. Now we’ll look at the more challenging development process for their follow-up RPG, Transistor.

Anything But ‘Bastion 2’

After the release and surprise success of Bastion in 2011, the team at San…

Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths Gameplay. Source: Author

Hidden Depths is not just a fresh coat of paint. It introduces several new gameplay mechanics that significantly change the overall feel of the game. Will these changes be suffocating, or a breath of fresh air?

Grappling with new mechanics

Hidden Depths is the fifth DLC released for Minecraft Dungeons and takes our cube-headed…

Ben Cantrell

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